Blogger and Family Disappear After Post

原创 st0012  2020-02-06 06:58 

A Chinese blogger from the southwestern city of Chongqing who railed against the jailing of defense lawyer Li Zhuang in an online blog post has disappeared along with his family members, his lawyer has said. Yuan Yulai, legal counsel for Chongqing citizen Fang Hong,fun88 wrote on his personal micro-blog on June 9 that Fang and close kin, including his son Fang Di (who had hired Yuan to defend his father), were unreachable since Thursday. Yuan said the blogger and his wife, son, and daughter were taken by police for questioning and were not heard from afterward. Yuan also wrote that a close friend of Fang Hong sent him a text message revealing he was not able to contact Fang since June 6, and called on the media to press authorities on the disappearance of Fang Hong and his family. “Reporters can directly contact the chief or the office of the local public security bureau, or even the Chongqing Public Security Bureau, to ask for the whereabouts of Fang Hong and Fang Di,” Yuan said on Thursday. Fang Hong drew the ire of Communist Party cadres with a blog post on April 21 about Li Zhuang, a Beijing lawyer, in which he denigrated 雷电竞 Chongqing Communist Party Head Bo Xilai over Li’s prison sentence and made references to feces. Fang Hong was said by Prof. Xu Yiyong on his blog to have been sentenced to one year in labor camp. On Saturday Li finished an 18-month jail term for “fabricating evidence” and “interfering with witness testimony,” which many fellow lawyers and activists view as sham charges. Critics believe Li was railroaded as a result of his insisting that trials of his alleged mobster clients follow proper procedures, which clashed with the “swift justice” sought by Bo.

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